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At Ranked, we have an in-depth content process to ensure that your preferences and styling are applied consistently. We've hired specialists for every segment of the content creation process to deliver content that caters to your brand and ranks for the long term.

Content Researchers

This is the first step to take when creating engaging content. Our Content Researchers create a plan for your site based on industry trends, your target keywords & competitor data. We want to make sure that our content is effective at delivering genuine organic traffic over time. Because of this, we like to handle the research process on topics.

โ€Content Writers

Our writers are trained to write content that is compliant with Google. We focus on three core metrics:

  • CTR (Clickthrough Rate)

  • Average User Time

  • Bounce Rate

Google focuses on these metrics when ranking websites. We focus on intent-driven topics, primarily.

Content Editors

Our editors ensure that our content is structured correctly and has no typos or errors.

We also have detailed writing guides for most technical industries and geographical areas. If you're an accountant in Australia, for example, technical terms will be different from the USA, UK, or Canada.

Senior Writers

These are our best-in-class writers, reserved for press releases, web copy, and long-form content.

No AI Writers

We don't use GPT engines for anything blog content related. It's all written in-house. We highly advise against AI-written content.

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