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When it comes to SEO, backlinks are the most misunderstood area. We aim to provide transparent, compliant backlinks that are acquired genuinely. We don't do anything paid or artificial.

What You Need to Know

Google deindexes websites that purchase backlinks. Especially if you don't label them correctly.

Many SEO services will sell you a solution that isn't in your site's best interest.

This ranges from thousands of links for $5 from places like Fiverr to dedicated specialists who buy domains and rent out the links for $1000's. We operate in a shady industry.

There is only one way to acquire backlinks genuinely - references to unique content.

We ask publishers either local to you or industry relevant what they are looking to refer back to. We then get it written and published on your site.

What You Need to Acquire Backlinks

To acquire genuine, high-quality backlinks over time, you need -

  • An optimized site that's regularly updated

  • Real traffic, nothing artificial

  • Unique blog content

  • No spam backlinks

We cover all of this for you.

We don't sell backlink-only services, as it's genuinely impossible to if you're being compliant with Google's guidelines.


We usually see the first set of outreach links go live in month 3, as we need time to publish our content, optimize your site & disavow any spam links.

With Ranked, you have a long-term solution for backlinks, but it's important to note that high-quality work takes time.

If you have any questions, please reach out. πŸ˜„

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