Understanding Site Audits
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To find the Site Auditor, go to Dashboard, then Site Auditor.

Our site auditor outlines on-site issues with varying degrees of severity, which are -



These are the most severe issues, as they can have long-lasting effects on your rankings. We aim to fix these as quickly as possible, usually within a few working days. At times though, these errors might not be valid as they can be due to your web hosting provider or plugins.



These are the typical SEO-related issues we fix within a few weeks. This includes missing meta titles/descriptions, alt attributes, H1's & broken links. It's normal to have many of these when joining, especially if this is your first time using an SEO service. You'll have significantly fewer errors when we send over our optimization report.



These are general issues to keep an eye on. They don't have to 100% be fixed, but it's good to review them to ensure that we have optimized the best we can. Warnings can sometimes be unavoidable due to your website design, content structure, etc. It's the least important area of the three mentioned here.

Have any questions about our optimization process? Please reach out. πŸ˜„

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