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Important: We Don't Do AI Content
Important: We Don't Do AI Content
Check and authenticate our work here.
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GPTChat has become quite popular! Even though our domain is .ai, we are an SEO service, not an AI writer. πŸ˜„

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has made an authenticator to check whether something is written with AI.

You can read their launch article here. I have also created a video below explaining how it works.

We expect there to be algorithm updates in the future that will deindex AI-generated articles, this happened when GPT-2 came out a few years ago.

We invest heavily in our content team with talented researchers, writers, and editors. We value them greatly! This will be incredibly important over the next year as Google and Bing release their AI search engines.

To be clear, AI is still the future, and we use it to streamline our keyword research, optimization, and outreach strategies.

Check out the video below for more information.

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